Short Term Hire

Short Term Van Hire

Short term hire

The most common type of hire is short term hire. Vehicles are rented on a daily, weekend or weekly rate for a short period – typically not more than a few weeks.

While day to day hire might suit in the immediate, it may not be a long term solution. If you are looking for a short term rental solution or don’t want to commit to a long contract, we have short term contracts available. We offer a variety of different sized commercial vehicles and offer contracts from 3-6 months on fixed mileage contracts

We currently have a range of vehicles available for short term hire. All of our vehicles are less than 1 year old and are to the highest standard and cleanliness. Also, they come with manufacturer warranty and road side assistance throughout the contract. For safety, our vehicles are fitted with a first aid kit and a spare wheel is available on each van.

A short term fleet problem can turn into a long term headache. Hence, all of our vehicles that are taken on short term hire, are available to be upgraded to a longer term contract without you having to revisit our offices.

All you need to do is insure the vehicle. It really is that simple. You will leave our offices a happy customer with a tank full of fuel. Our aim is to make your transition to your new vehicle as pain free as possible.

With rates from as low as €35 per day, daily van hire is now a much more manageable option.

Our vehicles range from light commercial vans to 18 tonne trucks. Meaning we will have a vehicle to match any or all of your requirements. All of our vehicles are available to short term or contract hire basis.

Contact Us

Contact us on 01-8771919 for a quotation and one of our dedication hire team will guide you through the options available to you.

Alternatively, we do have an ex rentals sales team that will help you to find a used vehicle at reasonable pricing.



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